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Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Web Designer |

Tips in Web Design That You Should Know

Tips in Web Design That You Should Know

The first ever tip that you should and must follow is to hire a professional web designer instead of an amateur. Choosing between an amateur and a professional is just like any other field or services where you need to choose between the two since there is a long list why you should choose a professional over an amateur. Yes, professionals would be costly however you need to think about long term effect, think about quality and if your website or your business is so much important with you then you better start investing with professional web designers. And if you are looking for some good ones then check out the web designers in Stratford upon Avon.

Next tip is if you are a web designer yourself then you must keep in mind that the website that you are creating should be user friendly or if you are the owner of the website and you are letting someone design it for you, then user friendly features of your website should be the first thing that you should be looking and checking at. Having a user friendly website will make your website have a lot of people visiting it though it depends on whatever marketing strategy you are using so that people will go to your website, nevertheless if your website is complicated then the faster your viewer will close out from the page which means, if your site is complicated to navigate then the higher your number of lost viewers would be, and you don’t want that, nobody does.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Another tip that you can take away is that you should need to have your website maintained and updated since for is first: So that your viewers will know that your business is still active and second: They will not think that it is a dummy or some inactive site that’s just lying around the virtual world with nobody on the other side of the monitor.

Just like in any other purposes online most especially if you are doing some business then you should invest in high quality photos if you are going to put some photos online, like your blog or something where you would want to post a photo. In dealing with photos in relation to website design, it is not like posting a picture in social media on your personal account that you would not care if it’s a high quality photo. Having high quality photos on your site makes readers appreciate the sharpness and clarity of that photo on your site. Now if you are having a hard time in choosing or getting a high quality photo on your site but reducing the size of it, there is actually a lot of software that you can use to reduce the size of a photo without reducing the quality of the photo.

Now one of the most important tip is that you need to make sure that everything on you site is readable or the important ones are highlighted therefore what you can do is to move away from your computer screen and then squint, try to see if what are the noticeable things once you do it. In doing such technique you will be able to see what a first time viewer will be able to see on your site, like if you are giving him the important things on your site or you are just making a tiny unnecessary detail to become noticed instead.


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Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Web Designer |

Tips in hiring a great web developer

When you’re running a business, be it small or big, it is important to have an online face for your company. A website lets you communicate with your clients online and it can even help other potential customers discover your business by just browsing. It is not mandatory to be expert in web designing just to ensure that you’ll come up with a good website. Hiring a great web developer is your biggest bet in creating a website that will meet your expectations. Here are some tips you should remember if you’re looking for a web developer who can work with you.

Evaluate them first.

Don’t jump right off the bat by handing them a big project that risks everything if you’ve only just met them. Most people can fake intelligence in an interview and fill your head of verbal promises. Evaluate them first by trying them on a smaller project. In that way, you can observe how they work and you may have some time initializing them. If they had meet your standards and you think they work well with you, then hand them bigger projects as you can guarantee that they will come up with a job well done.

Choose a developer that can adapt to new technologies

This is important and you may have to dig deeper while you are in an interview with your potential candidates. Don’t go for a developers that are skilled in just one specific technology, you need someone who can easily adapt to and learn new technology that may come along. It is crucial because they can easily upgrade your website to a whole new level with their skills and you won’t have to hire another developer just because yours isn’t able to do this and that. This is written on their online profile, you can check some and start with web designing Perth.

Be smart when asking questions

Questions are crucial in determining whether the potential candidate may be able to fit in the job or not.  However, you have to be smart in asking questions. Avoid asking trivial questions that everyone can answer when they search it online. Instead, ask open-ended question that lets them talk and take some time to listen on how they respond to each and every questions you throw. This is a great way to determine if your potential candidate is really passionate about web designing or not.

Seek help from your friends or family

If you have a friend which happens to be a developer or know more about web development, talk to him and invite him to spend a couple of minutes during the interview, listening to the candidate. After the interview is done, you can ask for his opinion about your candidate as he knows more when it comes to this stuff. His opinion will help you about.

Look for passion, not experience

Why would you go for a web developer who had been in service for a decade when you can have a web developer that is passionate on his job and will go extra miles just to give you a great service even though he’s new to the game. A passionate web developer is a great choice because they love their job and since they enjoy doing it, they will most likely come up with great projects. They are also the kind of person who will not leave the project when things messed up, instead they will try to finish it gracefully.

Have a look at their portfolios

Of course, it’s great to at least take a look at their portfolios to see if their styles suit your standards. How would you exactly work with an expert web developer who can’t even work according to your wishes because they prefer their style? Scan their portfolios and criticize their works inside your head then think about if you wanted your website to look like it.

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Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in SEO, Web Designer |

Pertinent Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Web Designer

Pertinent Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Web Designer

If you are currently looking for web designers in North Wales¸ you want to see to it that you are looking at the right people with the right experience and capabilities to do a fine job addressing your needs for you.

You have to remember that despite how there is a number of these providers that you can locate around, only a few can be truly expected to get you the kind of service that you know is appropriate for what you have in mind or what you expect.

Here are tips on how to locate the best people for the web design job.
Determine how much your budget is going to be. It is a good thing that establishing your online presence is actually not as expensive as it is when you establish your identity in the traditional way. Needless to say, you want to spend the right amount of money that will help give you the chance to actually create a name for yourself through a website that is professional-looking and efficiently functioning. What you pay is what you get. So, never opt for the cheapest option you will find.

Make sure that you will inform the provider on how much you are willing to spend for the project. You want to be upfront when it comes to matters like these. You need to make sure that the professional that you will hire is going to be able to work with and for you with the kind of budget that you have in mind, stating the budget upfront ensures that you and the web designer is indeed on the same page to avoid unwanted issues and misunderstandings later on.


Tell the provider exactly what you want.

Yes, he is a professional and an expert on these matters to boot.

But he cannot have the psychic ability of actually guessing what you want or how you want things to get done. He will need input from you about what you want, what you are expecting to see as end results. This helps him get a better idea of the kind of company you run and the manner in which you want to create and establish your very own brad through the online site.
Consider the main objective of the website as well. There are people that want to establish their online presence to cater to online inquiries of their customers that are on the web all the time. There are those that want to be bale t use this as a platform to usher in more customers ad hence, usher in more sales as well. After all, more subscribers, more traffic will often mean more people that will give you more chances to convert into actual sales figures. Tell the designer all that.
Be sure to ask what is going to happen after the site is finally launched too. You need to find out if you can expect these designers to be around to assist you if and when you may need assistance where maintenance and servicing goes. This is important so you are sure that you will have a number to call or people to talk to should those days come where you will need the site to get fixed for some issues and other problems.

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