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Improve SEO Optimization

Posted by on Jun 23, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have an online company such as SEO Essex it’s critical to have the best search engine optimisation (SEO) tools to increase traffic to your website. For example, adding certain keywords and key phrases in your website’s content will help it to rank higher in various search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A web design company can help to provide certain tools that can maximise the traffic to your site, including:

1. Keyword Research
Finding keywords isn’t a problem. However, it’s critical to find the best keywords and key phrases to use for your website’s industry and in that particular locale. A web design company has all the tools needed to find the best keywords. Some might be a few words, while others might include five or more words. What’s important is to get a solid list of words that can help to drive traffic to your website. That’s the ultimate goal as it will result in more online visitors, more sales, etc. Web design tools can help to find the right keywords/key phrases for your company.

2. Analysis of rival websites
While you shouldn’t be overly concerned about the competition it’s important to get some keyword analysis, for example, to learn which keywords at top rival companies are using. This will give you a better chance at using the right keywords to boost web traffic to your website. While you might be using several of the keywords, you might also find some that you hadn’t thought of, which you could add traffic to your site.

3. Social Signals
This can include ones from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., such as Likes and Shares. Social networks have become increasingly important to boost web traffic, so it’s important to improve your site’s social signals as part of its SEO strategy. More people are not only spending more time via mobile devices, but they’re also using social media more. Social signals can help to track the number of Likes and Shares your site has been receiving recently, which is certainly a useful tool.

4. Local Citations
This includes local business citations added to improve maps listings. Today people aren’t just searching for businesses that provide products and services, but also ones that are in their particular region or neighbourhood. Local citations can help not only to improve your company’s rankings in websites, but also for local listings, which is quickly becoming one of the keys to maximising web traffic.

5. Control Panel
A control panel can provide real-time SEO data about traffic to your company’s site. For example, you can see information about how your site is ranking on different search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In the world of SEO, changes in web traffic can happen very quickly, and even within an hour. This highlights the need to be aware of changes in traffic to your website. This is especially true when after implementing SEO tactics such as new keywords or key phrases. After hiring the services of a web design company you can also see actual improvements to web traffic figures.

Office Stuff you can Use as Marketing Tools

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in commercial |

The office is a place to work and a place where you can find a lot of interesting stuff. These items can be used to also promote your brand if you know where to go to have it customized. Here are some of the items you can find in your workplace that can also serve as tools to lure customers in.

Calling Cards

Some business owners opt to have the really basic calling cards on a plain white paper with only their names and contact numbers. This is an absolute waste and you are missing an opportunity to market your business. Your calling cards act like flyers so you should make it work for you. Use an attractive design that will remind people of your brand promise and include your logo or catch phrase. You would want your customers to notice your colorful calling card the moment they open their planners or wallets.


An excellent way to promote your business would be to use flyers. Any extra paper at work as long as it does not contain any personal information that may lead to privacy violations then you can convert it into beautifully designed flyers. Flyers are an excellent source of information and a cost effective means of letting people know about your product.

Presentation Folders

Many companies take this opportunity to market their business for granted. Whenever you present a product to a prospective client or present an offer to a supposed partner you would want to give them the impression that you are a premium brand. One way to do this is to customize items for your business. Customized presentation folders will give your clients the feel that they are dealing with someone legit. Getting one done is simple. You only need to contact a presentation folder printing company nearest you.

Company Uniform

In case you have not noticed big companies such as McDonalds and Airline companies as well use their staff uniform to remind people of what their brand delivers. When your employees go to work or go home from work they spend a great deal of time in public transport. Use this as an opportunity for you to draw people to your brand by having your employees a nicely done work uniform.

Company IDs and Apparel

Providing your employees with non-cash incentives is hitting two birds with one stone. Providing them with company apparel will help them become more engaged in the work that they do and at the same time it will also allow you to customize these items to serve as marketing tools. Have your logo or brand slogan printed on a customized tumbler, a watch or an ID sling and you are sure to have people asking your employees about your brand.

The things in the office are useful in doing your job, but there are other purposes that they can serve that will benefit the business as a whole. All you need to do is look around and explore the possibilities so you can maximize the use of your resources.

How To Run A Calendar Printing Business?

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in commercial |

Have you ever received a corporate giveaway? What have you noticed? There are personalized umbrellas, calendars, ball pens, mugs and t-shirts. These are only some of the things that can be personalized. Banks, Schools, Real Estate , Insurance and Beverage companies are only some of the companies that have these kind of personalized giveaways. One of the most sought after giveaways that people look forward in receiving is the calendar. This is very useful and very appropriate kind of giveaway.

Having personalized things to be given away is also another form of marketing. It shows everything about the company. But the company that sells the personalized things especially the personalized calendar which is the most in demand giveaway are usually not noticed. How this personalized calendar printing companies  started their business.

  1. Do a market survey on how this kind of business is profitable. A research on how this kind of product is in demand and how your market would react to your calendar printing business. Your market should not only be limited to the big establishment but also to the individuals with an age bracket. If you have a good theme for your calendar which is suitable for office workers and students then you know this kind of business will go well.
  2. Location is very important. Make sure that your market would be able to locate your business. Make sure that you are in the right location where you got the right market. You can put up your business near big establishments where you know that they are usually the ones that would order in bulk.
  3. Choose the right business name. A kind of name that would really capture and amaze the people. Make sure that the business name will really fit your kind of business. Most importantly that the people can easily remember it.
  4. Look into your competitors. The best way to make your business run well is to study your competitors. It is through them that you are able to run the business effectively. It is through them that you are able to know what to improve in your business.
  5. Marketing your product should be planned carefully. There is an old school way of marketing and still it is very effective. These are the flyers, brochures and being in magazines and newspapers. Today the effective way of selling and marketing your product is through online. Still media is effective like television and radio, now having a website and social networking sites are the best. You get to meet different clients all over the world . You also get to update everything about your company online. This is very easy and very comfortable kind of marketing.

If you are planning to put up a calendar printing business then it is never too late to begin. Proper planning and focus is what you need. Make sure you have the right capital. Better check online and see other successful calendar printing businesses today.

Where Do You Use Table Talkers

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in commercial |


Restaurants – One of the most common place you can use table talkers are in the restaurants where you can put it as an awareness for your current promos, deals and also you can use it as menus, in a form of table talkers. Table talkers are actually used as a marketing strategy because it will increase the awareness of your customers of what else you can offer in your restaurant plus you can use your imagination as to whatever purpose you have in mind in using table talkers in your restaurant, like other restaurants they are using it as some kind of a menu, especially when a restaurant does not have enough crew to take orders or maybe just for fun.


Hotels – When it comes to table talkers in hotels, you will usually see them inside the rooms and the common rest rooms of the hotel like the rest rooms in the lobby, and also in the restaurants that are within their premises. The table talkers that you will see in hotel rooms are also used as promotion and as well as reminders like for promotion, it will usually say what amenities you can enjoy within the hotel premises and other hotel promos, then when it comes to reminders, it will usually tell you how to save water and energy while you are staying in their hotel or even wherever you are and also usually reminders are the rules and regulations that you need to follow while staying in the hotel. Another common table talker that you can see in a hotel room is the one that you can see on the bedside the table, the necessary phone numbers that you can call in case you need something during your stay and of course, the thank you notes, those are actually table talkers that you note which is often immediately seen when you enter a hotel room, mostly located on the table where the vanity mirror is.

Offices or waiting lounge area – Yes, table talkers are not just limited to hotels and restaurants for promotion, they can also be seen and being used in some offices, like the waiting lounge area so that you will be able to have something that you can read. Having table talkers in the waiting area are kind of like when you have a box under your living room table with full of magazines or photograph albums that someone can look at while waiting or sitting in your living room, which means that it does not only for promotion purposes but as well as a bit entertaining purpose.

Hospitals – In hospitals you will most often see the table talkers inside a hospital room though you will actually be able to see it in the counters in the hospital, or most of the time in information area, billing section and admitting section. Table talkers are also used for promotions by the hospital like what are the facilities and technologies they currently have so that people will know that they are up to date or their machines and processes are kept well maintained. Also, just like in hotels, table talkers are also used for important phone numbers listed on it and as well as the rules and regulations when you are staying in the hospital, though you will be able to see it mostly in the private hospital rooms. That is why when considering table talkers as a marketing strategy, you shouldn’t think that those are only for places mentioned in this article because you can have them as well for special events; if you want you can search for table talker printing companies to help you through it.

Tips in Web Design That You Should Know

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Web Designer |

The first ever tip that you should and must follow is to hire a professional web designer instead of an amateur. Choosing between an amateur and a professional is just like any other field or services where you need to choose between the two since there is a long list why you should choose a professional over an amateur. Yes, professionals would be costly however you need to think about long term effect, think about quality and if your website or your business is so much important with you then you better start investing with professional web designers. And if you are looking for some good ones then check out the web designers in Stratford upon Avon.

Next tip is if you are a web designer yourself then you must keep in mind that the website that you are creating should be user friendly or if you are the owner of the website and you are letting someone design it for you, then user friendly features of your website should be the first thing that you should be looking and checking at. Having a user friendly website will make your website have a lot of people visiting it though it depends on whatever marketing strategy you are using so that people will go to your website, nevertheless if your website is complicated then the faster your viewer will close out from the page which means, if your site is complicated to navigate then the higher your number of lost viewers would be, and you don’t want that, nobody does.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Another tip that you can take away is that you should need to have your website maintained and updated since for is first: So that your viewers will know that your business is still active and second: They will not think that it is a dummy or some inactive site that’s just lying around the virtual world with nobody on the other side of the monitor.

Just like in any other purposes online most especially if you are doing some business then you should invest in high quality photos if you are going to put some photos online, like your blog or something where you would want to post a photo. In dealing with photos in relation to website design, it is not like posting a picture in social media on your personal account that you would not care if it’s a high quality photo. Having high quality photos on your site makes readers appreciate the sharpness and clarity of that photo on your site. Now if you are having a hard time in choosing or getting a high quality photo on your site but reducing the size of it, there is actually a lot of software that you can use to reduce the size of a photo without reducing the quality of the photo.

Now one of the most important tip is that you need to make sure that everything on you site is readable or the important ones are highlighted therefore what you can do is to move away from your computer screen and then squint, try to see if what are the noticeable things once you do it. In doing such technique you will be able to see what a first time viewer will be able to see on your site, like if you are giving him the important things on your site or you are just making a tiny unnecessary detail to become noticed instead.


How to Select the Right Business Card Printing Services

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Service |

You need new business cards printed out. You understand that the choices you have as far as digital business card services are plenty, but it is never right to just assume any of these providers will do, you are well aware of the fact that the quality of the services that they provide may not always be equal. So, it would be up to you to decide which among the choices that you presently gave are expected to do a great job of getting you the cards that you are looking for.

Business people exchanging business card against grey background

Before you do decide to seek out the services of one of these providers, you need to know what or expect from them first. You need to find out if these are indeed the kind of people that you would trust to make the cards for you. seeing their work and the reputation that they have earned over the years are just some of the things that you need to do to help you decide if they would indeed make a fine choice or not.

Do identify your needs. You have to be sure of the kind of cards that you want these providers to make for you. It would be so much easier for you to make a choice when you have a good dies of the kind of service that you are in need of. Specify the details that you want to be included on the car. Thus, the makers will be able to tell you if they have the ability to get things done exactly the way you want them to be done,

Inquire about pricing, you need to find out how much is it that you will need to pay them if you are to let them get your cards created for you. This would often depend on the design and style that you want them to base these cards on. This would also depend on the quality of the papers that you want them to use. Most importantly this would depend on the number of business card that you need them to produce for you.

See if there is a minimum number of cards that you will be allowed to order when you decide to seek out the services of these providers too. It is important that you have an idea of the scope and limitations to the services that they provide so you are sure that you are able to make the most of what they have to offer. Also, see what offers other service providers have in store for you based on the same deal that you are getting from these printing firms so you can compare who has the better one.

Always, always see samples of the work that they have done before. All too many times, people forget how important it is that they see samples of the work that these providers have done before. This is because these are reflections of the kind of cards that they will get if they are to let these printing services work for them. See the design, the style, and the details and decide whether everything is actually to your liking before you commit to them.